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It you think that there are a lot of real bargains to be found in training on the internet just Google the training sites and see what you get? You may find a few tidbits here and there but certainly not quality materials are you going to find for free that will compare with what you find here. Furthermore you're not going to find anything even close to the advanced and unique materials that in many cases took me many months in research and the purchase of CD's, books, extensive internet research, etc to find out about advanced chess concepts that are so high level or so unique that if you wanted to know about such material you can't even buy the information anywhere. In many cases this is why I titled those pages secrets of. For example do some research on chess compensation and see what you get. At some sites you will get a few examples of what is available, but then they tell you that to access the rest you must either pay for it or pay a monthly fee for the good stuff. The majority of any lessons you may find at these free and pay sites the so called academies or chess training sites are not really lessons at all but simply tactical problems that you may find for free on the internet at or, for example. URL's of a few of the more popular Chess training sites Some tell me well there are a lot of videos to be found that can show you ideas. Have you looked at those videos? I have and for the most part they are extremely boring excerpts of games that some high level player has played and they attempt to show you how this position or opening should have been played by going thru variation after variation until your completely lost in the maze of convoluted notations and their opinions of what should have been played. Do you think that kind of lecture is really going to help you very much at your level of play? Your going to soon find that it is extremely difficult if not impossible to take notes or go back to review something you don't quite understand. Another problem with videos is they don't give you problems to solve and then explain the ideas or concepts you need to solve such problems. Its just some guy boring you to death in explaining how someone played a chess game not very well and how they should have played, or how you should play this position. Do you think your going to remember all that? Your not going to find anywhere opening materials such as I have that gives you the understanding you need behind these ideas, which is far more important then trying to memorize opening moves. At your level of play the memorization of opening moves is what patzers do, and then when their memorized opening moves play out they don't have a clue of what to do next or how to find the best move. At my club I fully explain in great detail in a variety of training pages exactly what to do and how to do it and how to make plans based on basic chess principles to ensure that you wont be at a loss of what moves you should play next. Other things you don't find at other free or pay chess sites are the unique idea pages at my club that are completely different from the basic principles of openings, tactics, strategy and endings found at other sites. These powerful ideas present to you a whole new way on how to play well using ideas that will give you an immediate advantage over your opponents who will never have such knowledge. Here are a few examples. The secrets of key concepts, Secrets of Dynamic Power Playing, My Method, Progressing Up The Ladder and Dynamic Planning. If you don't think that my site is now one of the best free chess training sites in the world then just take a look at what some of my members have to say about the quality of my training materials in my Testimonials.

Testimonials Mystery Ghost of Prospect of Whitby Pub (7 minutes reading time) SE Ghost Story The internet Cyber Bully The 3 Amigo's of FICS Saintemilion's Recipes SE Advanced 3 stage Chili Recipe Saintemilion's Chili Recipes Saintemilion's famous Chili recipe Do You Want Prestige And Esteem? Why You Lose at Chess Do you think you have what it takes to join our Chess Club? What is of prime importance to winning games? How to increase your chess skills How to increase your motivation Incentives How do you achieve happiness Monitoring Your Game The Curriculum Reserved The Links Read about the advantages of the free site Chess Tempo BOTCHvinik:Thechessemporium.weebly

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