Classic Games

These classic games are meaningful and significant, because each game teaches us about important basic principles in chess fundamentals that we should try and understand and apply to our games to help us improve our chess skills.

1. Larsen vs. Spassky
The importance of pawn play.
Larsen vs. Spassky

2. Karpov vs. Gik
Karpov shows us how to play against the difficult Sicilian Dragon Var.
Karpov vs. Gik

3. Rukavina vs. Tal
Tal shows us how to use positional combinational play.
Rukavina vs. Tal.

4. Smyslov vs. Rudakovsky
In this game you will see how to take advantage of a weak square that can help to win the game.
Smyslov vs. Rudakovsky

5. Lasker vs. Hermann
This game shows us how a powerful double bishop sacrifice to annihilate the king's defense can be devasttating.
Lasker vs. Hermann

6. Pillsbury - Lasker
In this inportant classic game, if Pillsbury had won, that would have changed his entire life and the course of chess history.
Pillsbury vs. Lasker

7. Karpov-Kasparov
In this game, Kasparov shows us how to win even against a great GM like Karpov by using basic chess fundamentals. All of these basics that he used to win this game are discussed in detail in our chess club. These days Kasparov is so strong that only a few chess players like Karpov can challenge him.
Karpov vs. Kasparov