Mating The King
	                The trebuchet was a awesom frightening weapon			

	                                    Play Destroy the Castle here:

   Offense:1. Direct Assault with ladders  2. Siege Tower with a ladder inside  3. Trebuchet  
   4. Battering Ram 5. Tunnel 
   Defense:6. Walls  7. Archers  8. Gatehouse  9. Moat
   Other defenses were: Man traps. A covered deep pit with sharpened stakes at the bottom. Tossing 
   down Boiling water and hot sand that could get inside of amour and red hot rocks cast down from 
   the walls to bash heads and step on. (Oil was not used because of its expense. Mangonel catapults 
   placed on top of large towers that can hurl dozen of rocks all at once against advancing armies. 
The attackers first weakened the castle by attacking and bashing down the castle's solid walls before sending in their army. As you will see how in the many games to follow

Read about the Warwolf Trebuche


This page covers the basics of King Safety Strategy.

Usually intermediate chess players are much more concerned with the openings and tactics than with the strategy of the game. In comparison with tactics, strategy is a much more complex and consequently less investigated section of chess theory.

Understandably, given a choice most people don't usually take on more complex subjects unless they have a very disciplined personality. In school you studied complex subjects not by choice, but because it was part of the school's curriculum that was needed to graduate.

Why is this significant? If you want to gain an upper hand on your opponent you can take advantage of this fact that most of your opponents will be lacking in the weapons of Basic Chess Strategies. So all you need to do to be a better player than most of your opponents is two things:
1. Increase your chess skills with the study of the Strategies of Chess,
2. Watch out for mistakes and blunders

Actually you don't even need to spend a lot of time in the study of Chess Strategies, considering that most of your opponents probably know little of these basics. Just read our training pages on strategy subjects and you will have a lot of chess knowledge that your opponent probably does not have.

The most important of these are King Safety, Weak Squares and Outposts, Making Plans, Pawn Structure and Endgame Theory.

Because most FICS players are so irresponsible and lazy about studying Chess Basics amd Chess Strategies you are going to enjoy a tremendous advantage over most other average players if you do study only a limited amount of material and for only a short time. You will start to see a significant improvement right away with only spending a hour or two a day reading and practicing with

! Safety of the King

The King is the most valuable piece in chess, therefore you need to think about his safety as early as possible. The safest place is usually the one the King occupies after castling where he is under the cover of his pawns and the protection of his pawns. Leaving the King in the center is a lot less reliable because this is where the main battle clashes of the game occur most often,

If you don't want to expose your King to danger, take good care of him and castle early in the opening moves. For this purpose the right pieces must enter the game as soon as possible, and the pawns must move as little as possible, especially on that flank where you intend to castle.

Strategies and Mating Tactics of the King are what you are about to study next.

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The Games
1. Alekhine - Vasic
2. Lemann - Mueller
3. Mayet - Anderssen
4. Alekhine - Koenig
5. J ussupow - Van der Wiel
6. Uhlmann - Mariotti
7. Rubinstein - Spieimann
8. Tarrasch - Miese
9. Polugaevsky - Antoshin
10. Nimzowitsch - Tarrasch
11. Hulak - Spassky
12. Vladimirov - Van der Sterren
13. Paulsen - Winawer
14. Istratescu - Buturin
15. Tal - Smyslov
16. Polugaevsky - Lutikov

Now go to our page on creating Key Squares from weak squares to complete your training.