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Every one wants to know how to learn the openings, but few have any ideas on how to do so quickly and without spending a inordinate, extraordinary amount of their time doing so. Amateurs of course exaggerate the importance of knowing the openings and go to the extremes with extravagant unconscionable, excessive amounts of time trying to memorize an opening and it's variations. Going beyond a normal or acceptable limit of time can be a problem in that the study of other important areas of chess becomes deficient.

If your Master rated or even near Master rated then you may justify building a specific opening repertoire for your favorite openings in that you will be playing against other high rated players who will have done the same, and if you make one tiny mistake in the opening he will immediately take advantage of it and it may even cost you the game later on. For masters frequently build opening repertoires to favor them in the endgame, something that few armatures would ever consider when studying an opening.

For example a master may have spent months working out an opening that would give him a distinct advantage for a minority attack but needs to protect his king in the process because he is planning on moving out his castled pawns for the attack. There is always a disadvantage and great risk in leaving your king unprotected in any attack.

A king may become more vulnerable to a back rank mate with out the protection of his castled pawns. So the master intends on placing pieces nearby to shore up the protection of his king in case of any harassment to him. All of this planning depends on the success of his planning before hand in that opening that he spent so much time in developing and working out and planning for all the things that could go wrong. This is the kind of opening planning that separates the armatures from the masters.

This page will attempt to show you many of the various tools available to you that can help you to learn an openings quickly and even help you develop a opening repertoire and all with the least amount of pain. In the CPT at the bottom of this page you will find that it can be a fun game in that you get points for right answers and a penalty for wrong answers in the study of good practical openings that you will want to know.

However to use many of these tools you will need access to databaseses of PGN files that you may want to see. I will show you links for free downloads of these files.


1. ECO

  • Encyclopedia of Chess Openings

    1. Here is one of the best that I have found. It's called Encyclopedia of Chess Openings. It's the ECO for chess openings. You select the ECO for a opening and you get the whole database for that opening with all of its variations. Then you can select just the opening from that database that you want.

    Your going to need this PGN database of Openings for all of the opening tools that are available to you.

    2. Classic Chess Games

    Here is 825 Classic PGN games from 1619 to 2000, to view, study and analyze with your Readers. It contains most of the more important chess masters and their classic games that made them famous for their brilliant style of play.

    Klick Classic Games, after you install your Reader/readers, then save it to a file to unzip.

    3. Fischer Games

    Here is 986 Games by Robert James Fischer.

    In these Fischer games you will find some of the best opening training to study that just can't be found anywhere else, why? Because Fischer always said "Best By Test" and he surely proved by test he knew his openings. Use the ECO codes in the ChessBase viewer to select those openings you want to see.

    These are some of the defenses that Fischer loved to play:
    Caro Kann
    King's Indian
    Kings Indian Attack
    Nimzo Indian
    Queen's Gambit
    Queen's Pawn Game
    Sicilian Accelerated Dragon
    Sicilian Alapin
    Sicilian Najdorf
    Spanish Game (Ruy Lopez)
    Van Geet

    Fischer Games

    Viewers and Trainers

    1. BookUp

    Bookup will allow you to quickly see alternate moves in any opening an get a rating of that variation.

    When you first open BookUp what appears is the opportunity to watch videos to find out how to use all of its features.

    Here is your link to download the Demo Bookup 2000 Express installer.

    Enter this in your browzer and get the download.

    After downloading the file (Bookup2000ExpressSetup.exe) you'll need to open and run this file to install the program. Some browsers will offer to open this file for you automatically after downloading it.

    Be sure to note where this file is being stored on your hard drive during the download. Windows will find this file for you by choosing Start Find Files or Folders... or Start Search... in Windows XP or Windows Vista.

    Once you have the program running, open the ebook called "Demo Book" and start learning how to play the Black side of 1.e4 e5. The Demo Book is a small excerpt from our "Open Game II" ebook for Black.

    Bookup 2000 Express is perfect for animating ebooks and creating new ones from PGN files. You instantly edit moves, color codes, comments, Informant symbols, etc. to create your opening plans.

    Book up software can help you learn an opening fast. You can go here to read how and get a free Book up opening wizard lite.

  • BookUp Demo Express video

    Here is the Demo Book up 2000 Pro software that sells for $197

  • Free Download of BookUp 2000 Pro

    2. Fritz

  • Fritz-5.32

    The Fritz program is perfect for analyzing an opening and using Fritz's powerful engine to test variations you may want to develop or see. There is even an analysis mode to do just that.

    3. Chess Assistant

    Chess Assistant Light from Convekta is another PGN viewer like that of ChessBase Lite that you can use that has other unique features you may want to use.


  • - /downloads/

  • Chess Assistant Light 7.0

    4. SCID

    SCID is for managing chess games and databases, viewing PGN Games, studying openings, analyzing games, or playing chess, Watch Autoplay of games. Show suggested move, Coordinate move entry. Develop a opening repertoire with the analysis engine of your choice or add your own engine.

  • SCID

    For managing chess games and databases, viewing PGN Games, studying openings, analyzing games, or playing chess, Watch Autoplay of games. Show suggested move, Coordinate move entry. The Repertoire editor lets you create, view, and edit repertoire files. A repertoire (.sor) file is a list of the opening positions you want to reach or try to avoid, and you can use it to manage your chess opening preferences and also to search databases in Scid.

    Here is a great Free program
    Scid (Shane's Chess Information Database)

    By using the built in Analysis Engine Scidlet you can view PGN games and walk through them or have the engine analyze them. Or play a chess game with different levels of play by changing the thinking time. Or even watch it auto play through a game or variation. In autoplay mode, Scid automatically plays the moves in a current game, moving forward until the end of the game. The time delay between moves can be set from the [Options: Moves] menu, and is saved to your options file when you save options.

    If you start autoplay mode when the analysis window is open, the game is annotated: the score and analysis for each position are added to the game as a new variation just before each move is made. See the analysis window help page for details.

    1.Go to Tools, Import File of PGN games. And then load any File or collection of down loaded PGN games you can find on your hard drive.
    2.Go to Tournament Finder (May take a few Min)
    3. Click on game to view

    Or I can play a game by first going to Tools, Analysis Engine, ok Using the Scidlet Engine) Some Engine don't work well unless you change the directory setting, but the default engine of Scidlet works just fine.

    2. Click on Training. Then adjust the engine thinking time in seconds to 1.0 Seconds if you don't like the 4.0. Click Ok
    3. Move your pieces.

    You can press Game New Game if you want to start a new game.

    The most likely cause of engine starting problems is the choice of which directory the engine should run in. Some engines require an initialization or opening book file in their start directory to run properly. Other engines (like Crafty) write log files to the directory they start in, so you will need to run them in a directory where you have write access. If the directory setting for an engine is Scid it will just start the engine in the current directory.
    So if an engine that should work fine in Scid does not start, try changing its directory setting.

    5. ChessBase Lite

    For managing chess games and databases, viewing PGN Games, studying openings, analyzing games. Nice large chess board

    If you just wish to look over openings you can use ChessBase lite to choose exactly what you want to see. With the filter you can choose players, or just the white or black side that a player has played. Choose the ECO, year, Results. Even search for games with a position you choose.

    This Chessbase PGN Reader 7.0 is far better than the one to download from ChessBase

    Download ChessBase Lite here from ChessBase

  • ChessBase Lite

    Or download the ChessBase 7.0 from my site here:

  • Chessbase PGN Reader Lite 7.0

    6. CPT

    CPT Chess Position Trainer (Opening Trainer)

    CPT will train you for learning a chess opening repertoire. You will learn the critical candidate moves. In the training mode you will receive a position score for the correct moves.

    At the Downloads site you can download several Openings.

  • CPT Home Page

    However after spending a considerable amount of time, at least a week I have made 77 Club openings based on our web page openings, variations and some complete games with with unique mates.

  • Club Repertoire (Use the Standard.sxr in your CPT)

    Download the latest CPT 3.3 here. (CPT 4.0 will be out soon)
    What the hell is this? Well download it and see!

  • Download The CPT 3.3

    All About CPT 3.3 and a nice Video

  • Info of CPT 3.3 And A Screen Shot

    Download MS
    You also will have to download and install the MS version 1.1 from here to make it work.

  • MS

    Free Adobe Reader 8 from C]Net To read PDF instruction Docs

  • Adobe Reader 8

    Chessville Must Reading

    These pictures and comments are a must to see. You will find exciting pictures that will surely provoke you into wanting to immediately have a lot of fun in trying to learn a new opening. I did and was greatly impressed with how easy it was now to learn a new opening. No more frustration like in the past struggling with forgetting what I had just learnt shortly after just learning it.

    Want to know more about just how useful the CPT can be for you? Be sure to read these 2 articles at Chessville's Index of articles about it. You won't be disappointed. In these articles they will show you all the neat things you can do with CPT and there are many that will surprise you. I had to print out the one on the Chess Position Trainer 3.2 to know how to use all those enchantments.

    Index of articles from Chessville on the CPT

  • Article on Chess Position Trainer 3.0

  • Article on Chess Position Trainer 3.2

  • ChessVille Home Page

    Some comments: "CPT is a great program, the first one that is really useful for opening training." If you really want to improve your opening play, this is the most effective, most efficient way to do so short of having a GM sit by your side. Get CPT for free now and know your openings as good as the great Kasparov in almost no time!

    Be sure and change the sucky colors of the chessboard
    At the CPT go to: Extras/Options/Change/Define Custom Colors

    I thought the Chess Board colors really sucked so I tried changing them to be more like Fritz and the Chessbase board.

    More like Chessbase board is.
    Hue Sat Lum Red Green Blue Lt Squares 24 192 193 245 214 165 Dk Orange Dark Sq's 23 114 104 163 118 58 Brown

    Trim edge Board Color to Lt Silver. To show coordinates.

    This is what you should download from CPT to make a complete CPT Repertoire package.

    Chess Position Trainer 3.3
    Standard-Repertoire from Chess Position Trainer
    Chess Position Trainer Manual 3.3

    And then add these to refine it.
    Spanish-Ruy Lopez Defence by Prof. Dr. Dialetis
    2-Knight-Defence by Denis Navas
    Kasparov by Prof. Dr. Dialetis

  • Go here for 19 more CPT downloads of openings from; CPT Downloads, Free Repertories