Practice the Endgame

This endgame practice requires that you download a practice file in PGN format to use with your Winboard and the GNU chess engine. Go to your winboard ini and make sure the set up looks like below to select the GNU engine. With this set up you can select two GNU engines to analyze a position to see how the two engines solve the problem position. Then you can practice against one engine to see if you can solve it. These are hard endgame problems to solve, but the practice you will get makes it worthwhile.

} /firstChessProgramNames={GNUChess.exe. GnuChess } /secondChessProgramNames={GNUChess.exe. GnuChess }

This is your endgame file to download EndGame Practice 1

After you download it unzip it into a folder you have named Endgame practice 1. Now go to your winboard setup and select "Play against a chess engine or match two engines." Next press ok and go to the board and click on file and select "load game" find your folder with your unziped "End games in PGN and click on it three times. Now select open and load the game you want to study and press ok in the other window. Move a white piece. Now go to mode and select Machine Black and the game will start. If you want to take back use Alt Del. If you take back with the other options the game will end. Except if you get mated. Have fun you have 72 endgame positions to play with.