Practice the openings

To practice the openings you first need to download the ChessBase Lite 7.0 Reader This is a much improved Reader over the Chessbase Lite 6.0 that you can download from Chessbase. With the 6.0 it is very hard to find your files because they do not let you see the complete filename. When you look for a folder all you see is j:\chessb~1, chessb~2.0, chessb~1,etc. In Chessbase 7.0 when you open a folder you will see the complete filename in that folder and also see the full names of every file in that folder. But with Chessbase lite 6.0 they made it extremely difficult to read the names of the files because of them using the tilde to abbreviate the names.

Download Chessbase Lite 7.0 here. Chessbase Lite 7.0

Next you need to download Practice Openings

Practice Openings

Now just unzip your files into a Practice Openings folder. Load your Chessbase Reader and go to database, and open your Practice Openings file. There you will see 300 openings to practice.