Double Atack
Fork 1

The tactical positional that you must download have training questions and are indicated with a DL after the name. The others can be viewed with out downloading them.

The tactics you will download here must be read with the Chessbase Lite Reader 7.0 that you can download here.

  • Chessbase Lite 7.0 This Reader reads ChessBase .cbh files This reader is needed for viewing Training Lessons

    The positions are in a zip file.First make a folder with the name of the zip file to unzip it to. (Example: Combinations 1) When you click on the link below, press save, and then Browse to the folder you just created and extract to that folder. Then use your Chessbase reader to go to that folder and open that file.

    These first tactics will follow a theme insomuch that apiece may be taken or cause some other loss because of a tactical trick that can be used over and over again in much the same way. These tactical positions will show you how to recognize and plan for this trick to use in your games. I will add more of these tactical tricks as I find them in actuall games. So keep checking back from time to time.

  • Combinations 1

  • Combinations 2 DL