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Now you can read about my page of Secret Tactics that you can use to Legally Dominate your chess game from the minute you start playing, 100% Guaranteed. You can read more about this revolutionary technique at my web page under Secret Tactics.

Are you satisfied to be just one of the average chess players on FICS? Are you wasting your time in playing games trying hard to earn more rating points and never really getting anywhere? Or do you want to be one of the top guys in the game who really gets respect and is feared for being a hard player to defeat?

You probably asked yourself how the players at the top really got there?

First of all let us make clear that we are going to talk about top rated players, not top ranked players that you will find by typing hbest at FICS. There is a big difference in that a player may obtain a top ranked position with out having much chess skills at all through using dirty tricks, eeking and other means that I explain at my chess club.

Did they get to be high rated players merely by playing lots of games? If you believe that then take a good look at some of the players who have played thousands of games over years and see where they rank now.

How do some of them level up so fast? What do they know that you don't know?

Are they spending a lot of their money on chess books, chess CD's and chess videos? or do they know something you don't know about?

Have they found a way to increase their ability to win games easily with out a lot of hard work to do it?

Guess what? I asked my self the same questions for a looong time! So what did I do?

Secret Tactics Explained

1. Those strategies they were using to win their games involved ideas and plans right from the beginning of the game, Ideas and plans that they had worked out that may have taken them years to develop. Top rated players all avoid poor openings like the unorthodox openings that many amateurs seem to think that's the way to win quickly is to play some unusual lesser known opening to throw off your opponent with such a opening for its shock play in that it will confuse him with an opening that he is unfamiliar with and unprepared for to play.

Masters just laugh at such poor openings and proceed to crush anyone stupid enough to try such foolish opening play because most all-unorthodox opening are unorthodox because they violate the sound opening principles that over the years strong players have adopted to play the most effective way in which to gain an advantage in the opening.

2. how they best managed their time to study only the most important skills for wining games quickly. These guys showed me how it is possible to make substantial increases in your ratings in a short time while others are just lagging and struggling along. Using the Russian School of training with Endgame study theory first.

3. So now I had to find out how to solve this motivation problem

The disputations

What you are about to read here may shock you in disbelief in that it goes against all of the traditional chess beliefs in how to become a top rated chess player. Note that I did not say a top notch skilled chess players, only that many top rated players are not as skilled as you may assume that they may be.

What you are about to read are the disputations of many beliefs that players think are true about high rated players.

1. Misbelief One
For example most believe that by playing many chess games that over time your chess skills will just naturally improve. That is a general conceptional misunderstood conception. For there are thousands of chess players who have played thousands of games for years with little progress. That just does not automatically happen.

2. Top ranked players have studied and know all of the most important chess principles and have used them to get where they are now. The facts show just the opposite. The top rated players have spent little time at all in the study of chess principles and most don't have the patience to even do that. And in fact many seem to be border line ADD players. (Attention Deficient Disorder)

3. Top rated players have spent hundreds of dollars for chess opening books CD's, and videos, chess tactics book and tactics CD's, Endgame books CD's and videos. And many more dollars on other chess related materials that were responsible for the chess skills that they possess today. That is true for GM's and masters could not possibly have gained all that they know just by playing lots of games. And if you believe that then you just don't know the facts.

The facts are that most top ranked players are the most cheapest penny pinching bastards that you can imagine and never spend a dime on any thing at all that will help them improve for what they can get for free. The facts show that most have a mishmash of a few of this and that and that most of their chess materials are mostly old bargain basement used books long ago out of print that they found for next to nothing in a used book store or so called used book bargains on Ebay that offer a whole box of these old books for next to nothing from some old guy who just died left behind and now their relatives want to sell cheap to just get rid of them.

What they actually look at is mostly other important tourney games that the top GM's play to try and get some ideas of what kind of opening play is popular today to play.

4. Top ranked players are at the ranks that they are because they have spent many hours in the study of opening play. The facts show that masters, GM's and real top playing chess players all say that spending all of your time in the study of opening play is a complete waste of your time.

For once your memorized few opening moves play out then you are at the mercy of what to do next as your opponents superior tactic skills become apparent. And that he is crushing you with his great knowledge of tactics, strategy and endgame theory that you neglected to study has now hit home that opening play study alone is not near enough to win games against others who were more prudent to not spend all of their time in only opening play study.

So now you are wondering how did I ever find out how to get these strong players to ever decide to reveal their secretes on why that they were ever able to play chess so well and with such consistency after just telling you of all of The disputations that you probably thought were responsible for them being such strong players?

I started budding up with some of the successful player in hope that they would share their secrets with me. It was a harder nut to crack then i had thought, these guys held on to there secret tactics and strategies like it was the holy grail or something.

I realized that if i were going to get anything from these guys I was going to have to do it very smoothly. If I was to just asked them straight out to tell me their tactics they would they just laugh at me. So I started to slowly ask for "Advices" from different players.

They thought i just needed help in some particular issues, but what i did was slowly but surely started collecting all of their top secret information!

The more I learned the greater my database of special strategies of chess knowledge to win games became, and this operation would take many months to accomplish.

They thought I just needed help in some particular issues, but what i did was slowly but surely started collecting their top -secret information.

I also learned that it was impossible to simply study their winning games to try to find out what they were doing, because the ideas that they were using cannot be revealed in their game play this way.

Those strategies they were using to win their games involved ideas and plans right from the beginning of the game, Ideas and plans that they had worked out that may have taken them years to learn how to develop.

I always kept an open eye for strong players to buddy up with. Most of them didn't even want to talk to a "noob" like me, but some players just can't resist bragging about how smart they are.

The thing about some strong players is that they love to brag about how easy it was to win some games using the knowledge that they have developed over the years, but they don't want YOU to be able to get on the same level as them. So they will protect the most important information from you, to keep you on a lower level than them.

I also learned interesting things like how they best managed their time to study only the most important skills for wining games quickly. These guys showed me how it is possible to make substantial increases in your ratings in a short time while others are just lagging and struggling along.

When I asked them why if they know how, they have not yet promoted them selves to such lofty levels of a much higher level of play and they confessed that although they do know exactly what would be needed to do it, that to do that you really need to be motivated and have the time available to you to do it. You also must be willing to make substantial sacrifices of not just in your time but to also give up time spent with loved ones who may complain in most unpleasant ways. In other words, you need to be a really very self disciplined type of person, of which very few are to succeed.

I did some research on this self discipline problem and came up with some very unique, very practical ways to over come this block that have worked very successfully for others for years. You will be very surprised, I'm sure at what I found, and in the most unlikely places too.

I also found out another very important point that may prevent you from succeeding and that is that although many start out with a bang and are as highly motivated as anyone could possibly be, this motivation in many soon dwindles in a short time.

Apathy is big problem after a while in that the motivation that you had at first may soon dwindle if the motivation to succeed is not strong.

So now I had to find out how to solve this motivation problem and this kind of information could not be revealed from strong players. When asked about it they simple told me that some have it and some don't, But I did persist in trying to find out how to avoid this tough problem and I think I may have some very good advice for improving on it.

Now I decided to share the secrets!

Yes I have decided to share this information with all of you who love to play chess. Because I know that there are many of you out there who are tired of just being some average chess player who is never getting any where. Also because I don't want you to end up losing to players for using winning methods that although are legal are still against the disparity of inequality of how chess games should be played. So I will tell you how others can win games against you using such methods and how to protect your self from playing these rogues and scoundrels.

That's right, because some players are using tactics and methods to win games against you that your chess server will tell you that what they are doing is not illegal and these methods that they are able to use to win against you even though there is no rules to prevent them being used against you may be a way for them to win more games against superior player.

Internet chess games have been getting very popular with unscrupulous players now because it is far easier to cheat on the Internet than it is in face-to-face games. There are now hundreds of such scam artists starting to fool people online who are just looking to get a kick out of beating up on others just for the fun of it.

I will show you exactly in detail how to avoid all these types of scumbags and take advantage of playing chess in confidence because there are many ways to avoid being taken advantaged of. But for someone who doesn't know how to separate the bad players from the legitimate ones it could be a frustrating experience to get taken this way.

The many hours that i had to put into research for all of these things can not be really measured in hours spent because of the many obstacles to over come in finding ways to a solution to such obstacles. And there is no one who is going to help you do it. Mostly just trial and error in trying this and trying that until you finally think, well this is going to be as good a solution as one can get.

You know it is far from perfect but until you can find a better way, it will just have to do. Ignorant blowhards love to tell you many negative things about what you have proposed and all you can say, is well if you don't like my ideas then either show me a better way or shut the hell up, because this is the best that I can do. And most likely the best that anyone else has done too.

The proof is in the pudding of course and no one thinks the same. Some just will refuse to follow good advice thinking that they know better. Or are simply just to lazy to read good sound advice. Their attention span is probably only few minutes and can only stay focused on some thing for only a few seconds. So then when they fail they of course will blame your methods, not their own incompetence and ineptitude.

On the other hand there are a few people who have a good positive attitude and will think, well what do I have to lose in trying out what has been said here. After all he has spent a considerable amount of time on this project and most likely knows a hell of a lot more about what is going to work and what is not than I ever will.

If this is you, then I would say that you have as good a chance of succeeding in advancing your chess skills as anyone can. You just have to have the determination to just do it.

You can do it simply by joining the Super Secret Society of Selected Super Sleuths at the The Dark Dimension Society.

Secrets Disclosed

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