Traps, Zaps and Mates

We all know what chess mates are, but how do we define a chess trap? Most would agree that bad play or blunders should not be included in the classification of traps. The dictionary defines a trap as 1.Something by which a unsuspecting person is caught unaware. 2.Something that leads an individual into a place or situation from which escape is difficult. 3.To put at a disadvantage or bring under control by or as if by enmeshing in a net.

This seems to be the essence of what a trap does in that the fatal move that is sprung should be at least a reasonably and plausible one.




----------------Noahs Ark ---------------Legall's Mate
--------The Trapper Trapped -------------Smothered Mate
-------------------trap 3 -------------Epaulette Mate
-------------------trap4 --------------Boden's Mate
-------------Tarrasch's Trap -------------Arabian Mate
----------Tarrasch's Other Trap -------------Blackburne's Mate
----------The Anti-Marshall Pitfall -------------Anastasia's Mate
Trap 8 The Queen's Gambit Declined --------------Greco's Mate
Queen's Gambit Refused Albine Countergambit -------------Damianos Mate
Trap 10 Alehhine's Trap --------------Morphys Mate
Trap11 The Bird's Opening ------Morphys Concealed Mate
-----Trap 12 Birds Trap --------------Mating Pattern 1
Trap 13 Blackmar-Diemaer Gambit --------------Mating Pattern 2
Trap 14 The Mother of All Traps -----------------Blind Swine
Trap 15 Blackmar-Diemaer Gambit ----------------Blind Swine 2
Trap 16 Queens Gambit Declined ------------------Pawn mate
Trap 17 Queens Gambit Declined ---------------Mating Pattern 3
Trap 18 French Defense ---------------Mating Pattern 4
Trap 19 French Defense --------Rotlewi-Rubinstein Mate
Trap 20 Ruy Lopez ---------------Pillsburys Mate
Trap 21 Ruy Lopez -----------------Reti's Mate
Trap 22 Pirc Defense --------------Max Langes Mate
Trap 23 Petrov Trap 1 ---------Max Langes Mate Finish
Trap 24 Petrov Trap 2
Trap 25 Petrov Trap 3
Trap 26 Petrov Trap 4
Trap 27 Noah's Ark Trap 2
Trap 28 Cambridge Springs Trap 1
Trap 29 Cambridge Springs Trap 2
Trap 30 Cambridge Springs Trap 3
31. The famious Mayet Harrwitz Trap.
A famous trap from the Queen's Gambit declined,
Cambridge Springs Variation
Trap 32 Costage Trap
Trap 33 Evans Gambit